"Frankel tells a touching story of how this young couple deals with a new love in a world full of loss and sadness. Her first novel, The Atlas of Love, was a wonderful, heartfelt read, and while this book has a completely different story line, it retains that emotional core. Frankel is an author to watch."
 --Library Journal (Starred Review, Goodbye for Now)

Goodbye for Now is a love story about a software engineer who invents a way for people to email with their dead loved ones. Available now in hardcover, paperback, ebook, or audiobook all over the world or closer to home at a bookstore near you or on the e-device of your choice.

The Atlas of Love is a different kind of love story about three friends who raise a baby together. Also available all over the place.

Laurie Frankel is the author of both AND this website. She's very glad you're here. Welcome!